October 29, 2017

Marie-Laure Buisson

I lived in Bombay for 4 years during high school, and I can honestly say it was one of the best and eye-opening experiences in my entire life. Whenever I mention to people I’ve lived in India, their usual reaction is not the most positive one, due to how the city and country are portrayed throughout the media. However, it has such a rich culture, is filled with beautiful festivals, food, music, dance and people, that looking back at my time there always makes me full of joy. 

One of my favourite things there was the festivals, especially Holi. Holi is the festival of colours that represents the end of winter to celebrate the beginning of spring (if only we could say the same here, in Montreal). It’s a day that’s filled with people playing and throwing coloured powders and water at each other, for a whole night and throughout the following day. Not only is the purpose of this day to welcome the spring, it is also to meet new people, play and laugh with your loved ones, and forgive and forget. It is such a beautiful tradition, that everyone looks forward to. 

The food in India is another aspect that’s very distinct about the country. The types of food vary depending on which city or region you are in. However, the ones you are probably more familiar with, like briyani, naan, samosas (a lot better than the ones you get here on campus!), are always so rich in flavour due to the mixes of spices incorporated in every dish. 

Lastly, I also encourage the people I meet to visit India, no matter where, because each city has its own story, and every one of them worth listening to. 

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