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Every week or so, we invite international students individuals to publish a blog to explain just why their city is so special. Whether you are planning to travel and need recommendations, or just want to read about exotic locations abroad, explore our listed articles and learn more about cities all over the world from the perspectives of those that live there!

Around The World Series: Essex - Mar 19, 2019 Maddy Evans, U1, Arts Many people have never heard of my hometown of Essex, Connecticut, but I’ve been told that when people hear “Connecticut” they think of “Gilmore Girls or “The Carrie Diaries.” While growing up in my town was not at all like a tv show, rural Connecticut does have an undeniable New […]
Around the World Series: Berlin - Feb 18, 2019 Helena Lang describes life in Berlin My experiences of Berlin are bound to be different from most people who have gone or lived there. I don’t claim to present a holistic picture of Berlin. Rather, I’m just describing life there, in fragments of experience accumulated by me. It may be distinct from […]
Around the World Series: Islamabad - February  4, 2019 Naymal Mirza Naymal Mirza describes what makes her home, Islamabad, special. When somebody asks me what my favorite city is, my answer is undoubtedly ‘Islamabad’. I’m clearly biased, having spent most of my life here, but I sincerely believe there is something special about this place; something that makes it stand out […]
Around the World Series: Pune - January 16, 2019 Abhishek Malavade Arts freshman Abhishek Malavade provides us a glimpse into his hometown, Pune (India) As easy as I thought penning this text would be, it has proven to be quite a daunting task, for how can one summarise the multitude of colour, culture and chaos that is Pune? Historically the stronghold […]
Around the World Series: Delhi - November 20, 2018 Arshdeep Kaur ‘Method in Chaos’ This phrase probably the first thing that comes to my mind, when someone asks me about my hometown, Delhi. While I’m more of a ‘Home is where the arse is’ kinda girl, the six years I spent living in Delhi were the most formative of my life, […]
Around the World: Bombay - October 29, 2017 Marie-Laure Buisson I lived in Bombay for 4 years during high school, and I can honestly say it was one of the best and eye-opening experiences in my entire life. Whenever I mention to people I’ve lived in India, their usual reaction is not the most positive one, due to how the […]
Around the World Series: Armenia - October 29, 2017 Mariam Grigoryan Armenia is an extraordinary country and I am not only saying this because I am Armenian. Armenia is a country located in the Caucasus region bordered by Turkey to the West, Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East, and Iran to the South. It has been described as an […]
Around The World Series: London - LONDON Growing up, my best friend’s brother used to remind us of a Samuel Johnson quote: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ With its varied history, free museums, and hundreds of unique neighbourhoods, it seems they were both quite right. The potential interests of London are unsurprisingly endless. More […]
Around The World Series: Lebanon - February 16, 2017 Sara Tohmé LEBANON Lebanon, Lebanon… where to start? One thing you must realize about Lebanese people is that they complain almost all the time. To be frank, the infrastructure isn’t great, there is too much pollution, and the political system is borderline non-existent. In the past few years many car bombs and […]
Around The World Series: Dublin, Ireland - Febraury 7, 2017 Catherine Galvin DUBLIN Hey there, reader, my name’s Cat and I’ll be your virtual tour guide for today! I’m Irish born and bred, grew up in the suburbs of Dublin’s fair city and am currently at McGill on exchange. I study Chemical Engineering and am MISN’s Exchange Rep for 2016-17. Enough about […]
Around The World Series: Singapore - January 22, 2017 Madeleine Mak From my personal experiences engaging in conversations with individuals outside of and foreign to Singapore, I have come to terms with the realization that the public’s perception of my homeland can be summarised in the three following observations: 1.       It is illegal to chew gum 2.       It has an incredibly […]
Around The World Series: Australia - November 28th, 2016 Erica Musgrove, Australian Exchange Student What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Perhaps images of endless red desert, white sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans filled with thousands of Nemos? If you are more politically oriented, perhaps you have flashbacks to a man eating raw onions and running around in […]
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